Gone are the days of spray and pray marketing. 

Social media is not only current, but it’s cost effective. And with traditional marketing methods taking a backseat thanks to the social media revolution, your business can’t afford to lack a strong social media presence.

Does it work?

Is your social media working for you?
Wasting a lot of time with little results?
Not quite sure how it all works?
Want to grow your audience and increase your reach significantly?

If you answered yes to any of the above, Throttle Media can help.

With more than 62% of Australians on Facebook, a strong social media presence is an integral part of any successful marketing strategy.


Creating a great first impression is important.

If you already have a social media presence, consider the following:

- Are your headers designed to speak directly to your target audience?
- Have your social media profiles been optimised for search engines?
- Are you taking full advantage of Facebook features that can drive traffic to your business page?

Throttle Media has graphic designers to create captivating graphics, copywriters to ensure clear and professional descriptions and content, and social media managers who understand the back-end and setup of every major social media platform.

We can also provide social media training; perfect for up-skilling your marketing department, or for the DIY business owner!

And if you’re new to social media completely, don’t worry. We can help with that too!


- Struggling to keep your social media consistent?
- Not sure what people are saying about your company online?
- Finding it hard to keep up with all of your social media platforms?

For businesses and high-profile public figures who attract large followings, keeping up with social media posting and monitoring can quickly become a massive drain on time, energy and resources.

If it’s left unchecked, or ignored, the results can be embarrassing and costly.

A Social Media Manager can help taken the burden off your shoulders, by not only managing your accounts, but growing them too.People expect real-time customer service and engagement these days, and the brands that take the time to personally respond to fans, followers and customers will quickly attract a large, positive following.


Content is king when it comes to SEO and social media.

Your audience needs consistent reasons to connect with you, and providing great content is one of the best ways to do it. Particularly because Google loves great content too!

Adding content to your website turns you into an authoritative resource. And people respect and buy from authoritative resources.

From blog posts to web copy and memes, we create content that excites your customers and brings them back time and time again: to read, appreciate and share your insights.


Getting the most out of social media often means taking full advantage of their highly cost-effective and incredibly targeted marketing opportunities.

If you want to start a social media campaign, we will guide you on choosing platforms best suited to your target audience, and then help you develop, implement, manage and track it. We can also integrate your Facebook campaigns into your website; meaning that we can target people who have visited your site, but may not have bought from you yet.

We will keep your business front-of-mind, so that more of your potential customers quickly become long-term customers.