Your Facebook Has Not Been Cloned!

hackedIf you have seen messages on Facebook saying “do not accept friend requests from me” the good news is it’s a hoax! Facebook users are being duped into thinking their accounts have been cloned thanks to a viral message that made the rounds of the social networking site on Sunday.

“Hi … I actually got another friend request from you yesterday … which I ignored so you may want to check your account. Hold your finger on the message until the forward button appears … then hit forward and all the people you want to forward too … I had to do the people individually. Good Luck!”

The message says that the sender has received a duplicate friend request from the recipient. Then, it tells the receiver to forward the same message to their friends. Many have taken that to mean that they should forward the same message to all of their friends, prompting dozens or even hundreds of others to believe that there may be a problem with their accounts as well.

The message hints that the receiver may have been the victim of a cloning scam. That’s where a malicious user copies images and information from a person’s Facebook account in order to create a duplicate “clone” account, then sends out friend requests to the victim’s friends. The duplicate user may message these friends in an attempt to learn personal information about the cloned user or to spread scam messages.

So what now? If you get one of these messages what do you do? The best thing is to ignore it and move on. It’s probably part of this non-elaborate viral hoax! If you actually have a friend request from someone that is already on your friend list, check with them to see if it’s legit or not. Legitimate clone accounts do occur but in isolated instances.