Google Alerts for your brand

Throttle Media Google AlertsIf you’re not familiar with Google Alerts, it’s time you became acquainted. Google Alerts will scan the web for words and phrases of your choosing and email you alerts when the defined words and phrases are used.

For a free tool, it’s actually very powerful and easy to use. It’s like having a series of Google searches running 24 x 7. There are many applications you can use it for. It’s a must for your super geek ninja spy assassin tool-bag!


If negative feedback has been left against your brand on an un-monitored space, you will be alerted. Responding quickly to negative feedback will usually be a bonus. Not responding to negative reviews will reflect poorly on your brand. Have you ever Googled a company to find many unresolved, negative complaints?

Some industries are prone to negative reviews and comments. When managed platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn don’t give your audience a chance to leave negative feedback, these complaints find their way into forums and review sites. In turn, these complaints become a liability when your company is Googled. A prompt response to a negative review looks professional and gains trust.


If you were a plumber and you set a search for “Good plumber Canberra”, when someone asks this question in a forum, you will be alerted and ready to pounce. Using Google alerts and Hootsuite (for Twitter) may get you more work than you’d think, depending on the industry.


Setting an alert for your email address will allow you to see where your email address is popping up. Quite often, spambots scan the internet looking for addresses to spam. This method will give you an opportunity to possibly have your email address removed from the open web.


  • Track who is linking to your site so you can return the favor. It may also give you parallel industry ideas for targeting on social media.
  • Track who is linking to your competitor’s websites so you can also request a link.
  • Track your business name (E.G; “Throttle Media”) and if possible, get a link to your website when your company is mentioned.


Setting alerts for your competition will alert you to their digital marketing campaigns and give you ideas on how to beat them at their own game. It’s a good way to compete digitally.

It is common to have a large number of alerts set up. When you get the hang of it, you will be one step closer to dominating your industry online.


Using Boolean searches is a must to filter out all the crap. Knowing these simple Boolean commands also is helpful when doing normal Google searches and also works on eBay! Some examples would be:

  • “Throttle Media Canberra” – Using (“”) the double quotes tells Google to only track these exact words in the exact order.
  • “Throttle Media” – This will return all mentions of Throttle Media on the Canberra Times website.
  • “Throttle Media Canberra” -reviews – Using the minus symbol (-) immediately before a word will exclude all results with that word. In this case, review’s for Throttle Media wouldn’t be included.
  • Throttle Media * marketing – Using the wildcard symbol (*) is like a fill in the blank term.

Where to find Google Alerts: