Throttle Media Office

About Charlie Tizzard

Have you ever dreamed about having a job you love?

Charlie Tizzard did, while working for the Department of Defence in ICT Operations.

After 13 years in an enterprise environment, Charlie took a leap of faith and Throttle Media was born in 2014.

Throttle Media is a lifestyle company, meaning we live, eat and breathe what we do. And this translates into exceptional service and a highly personalised approach for our clients.
About Throttle Media

At Throttle Media, we understand that working in a digital age means taking full advantage of the changing landscape of communication. People are switched on and ready to pounce. They form quick opinions and make quick decisions –
and then tell all their friends about it!

Having a website that acts as a billboard somewhere in cyberspace won’t win you an audience.

What you need is a solid digital strategy to help you make the most of the online world.

At Throttle Media, we offer complete digital marketing solutions.

We breathe life into your online presence and supercharge your exposure…meaning more reach, more customers, and more $$ in your pocket.

You tell us who you’re targeting, and we will work out the what, when and how to reach them.

We can design, implement and manage a social media strategy from scratch, or improve an existing one. We establish strong, effective social media pages, and then build on them with carefully planned social media campaigns.

Your website and social media presence form an integral part of your customer service platform. And we will make sure they work together beautifully, to produce the results you need.

Throttle Media has a growing team of highly experienced web designers, social media managers, copywriters and graphic designers – here to help with all aspects of your digital marketing needs.

Call us on 02 6112 8291 for an obligation-free discussion.